The Demand Analysis of Bike-and-ride in Rail Transit Stations based on Revealed and Stated Preference Survey

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Journal Article

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mode - bike, mode - bus, mode - subway/metro, place - asia, planning - surveys


Railway transit, bike-and-ride, disaggregated model, potential transfer demand


Bike-and-ride users consist of existing and potential bike-and-ride members. This paper first conducts a revealed preference survey for metro travelers, and an additional stated preference survey for travelers who are transferred by bus or foot. Then it selects a residential area surrounded the metro station to implement a supplement survey. Through establishing binary logit model for three kinds of potential users, it finds the potential bicycle transfer possibility of the total metro station users and trips by different transferring modes. Finally, the paper presents a demand analysis of bike-and-ride in Nanjing Longmian Road Station.


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