Study on People Square's Mass Passenger Flow Management System Launched in Shanghai Urban Rail Transit

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Journal Article

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infrastructure - interchange/transfer, mode - rail, place - asia


People Square, Mass Passenger Flow Management System (MPFMS), simulation and analysis, operation scheme


In order to deal with the mass passenger flow influenced backlog which is caused by casual emergencies that emerged in the station of People Sqaure in Shanghai urban rail transit system, the People Square's Mass Passenger Flow Management System (MPFMS) is studied and developed. In this paper, the overall function principle, the whole general framework and the main functional modules for this operation-assisted system are the three main constitutions that meticulously introduced. In short, the working procedure of the system can summarized as following: the days for passenger flow backlog are clarified as workday, weekend, long holidays. Then the passenger flow for arrival and departure the station, the transfer volumes among the different lines and in the same lines are accurately calculated and well analyzed. Finally, the simulations under various prerequisites are undertaken among the lines (line1, lin2, line8) involved in the People Square station. The proposal generated via this system is well matched with the dispatchers’ operation scheme, proving the reliability and efficiency of this system.


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