Analysis of Effects of Activities While Traveling on Travelers' Sentiment

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Journal Article

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place - asia, ridership - attitudes, ridership - perceptions


onboard activities, ICT, feelings, transit


Travel involves various onboard activities. The emergence of information and communication technologies (ICT) has added new dimensions to the activities. This study analyzed the effects of various onboard activities, including the use of ICT devices, on trip makers' feelings during trips. This study employed the daily reconstruction method to examine whether the feelings that trip makers had were positive or negative. In addition, the seemingly unrelated probit regression and univariate probit models were used to analyze the association between onboard feelings and types of onboard activities by travel mode. This study found that onboard activities using ICT devices were valued by trip makers and tended to have positive effects on their feelings during trips. However, it was also found that the effects were not homogenous. Emerging ICT-related onboard activities can be instrumental in improving people's travel experience and in encouraging automobile users to become transit riders.


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