Measuring and Evaluating the Impacts of TOD Measures – Searching for Evidence of TOD Characteristics in Azambuja Train Line

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Journal Article

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place - europe, mode - rail, land use - transit oriented development, land use - urban density, land use - urban sprawl, place - urban, policy - sustainable


Transit Oriented Development (TOD), TOD evaluation, TOD sucess


TOD (Transit Oriented Development) is typically defined as a high density mixed area (residential and commercial) within easy walking distance of a high capacity public transport station (typically within an 800m buffer area). TOD is viewed as a set of strategies to increase the use of public transport, increasing walking activity, containing urban sprawl, and creating more liveable places. It is believed that this type of combined strategies will improve sustainable growth. This work is an exploratory work for evidence of TOD characteristics in train station areas in Azambuja train line, setting further methodologies to evaluate the success of TOD areas.


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