Route Planning for Electric Buses: A Case Study in Oporto

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Journal Article

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place - europe, mode - bus, planning - route design, operations - performance, technology - alternative fuels


Electric Bus Performance, Mathematical Modeling, Route Planning, Simulation Platform


This paper intends to analyze the performance of an electric bus for three different routes in the city of Oporto. The objective is to study the correlation between the type of route a bus travels and the amount of energy it spends in performing it. Besides energy, the potential of the recovering part of it through regenerative braking will also be discussed. It is expected that long and demanding routes, e.g. those encompassing meandering paths, will make the bus use more energy. To accomplish these objectives, a simulation platform was built upon both a nanoscopic representation of the electrical bus and its microscopic interaction with the road traffic network while performing different journeys through specific routes. Simulation results are compared and discussed, as well as are directions for future work identified.


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