PMS development in local public transport: Comparing Milan and Amsterdam

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Journal Article

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place - europe, organisation - governance, organisation - management


Performance management system, Culture, Governance, Public transport, Development process


This study focuses on the process of Performance Measurement System (PMS) development in the local public transportation sector. This development refers to the trajectory from design to redesign and from the initial use of the PMS to new ways of use. The design, use and development of PMS have been investigated for two different cities in two different European countries. In each case, the PMS design and its use are shaped by a different process. Both cities implemented the same guidelines enacted at the European level but with a different local PMS development. Insights are shared on the process of PMS development. Notions as masculine and feminine culture and their relevance for governance structure are used to explain differences in PMS development. The main finding is that PMS follows structure. A multi-layer, multi-actor structured world forces the PMS into dialogue-based development.


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