Waiting for public transport services: Queueing analysis with balking and reneging behaviors of impatient passengers

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Journal Article

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mode - bus, mode - rail, ridership - behaviour


Queues of batch arrival and bulk service, Balking, Reneging, Compound Poisson processes, Bus bridging, Public transport


Queues of batch arrivals and bulk service including balking and reneging behaviors of customers are commonly observed in real life. This study formulates queues of this type using compound Poisson processes and determines some key probabilistic measures. Analytical investigation is undertaken yielding a range of mathematical results. The developed mathematical model and approaches apply to a variety of practical queueing processes that are featured with bulk queues, balking, and reneging. A bus bridging response to rail disruption is considered as an application example. And large-scale Monte-Carlo simulations are conducted to demonstrate the mathematical results.


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