Transit network design by genetic algorithm with elitism

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Journal Article

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planning - network design, planning - route design, mode - bus


Transit network, Genetic algorithm, Elitism


The transit network design problem is concerned with the finding of a set of routes with corresponding schedules for a public transport system. This problem belongs to the class of NP-Hard problem because of the vast search space and multiple constraints whose optimal solution is really difficult to find out. The paper develops a Population based model for the transit network design problem. While designing the transit network, we give preference to maximize the number of satisfied passengers, to minimize the total number of transfers, and to minimize the total travel time of all served passengers. Our approach to the transit network design problem is based on the Genetic Algorithm (GA) optimization. The Genetic Algorithm is similar to evolution strategy which iterates through fitness assessment, selection and breeding, and population reassembly. In this paper, we will show two different experimental results performed on known benchmark problems. We clearly show that results obtained by Genetic Algorithm with increasing population is better than so far best technique which is really difficult for future researchers to beat.


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