A Study on Theoretical Calculation Method of Subway Safety Evacuation

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Journal Article

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place - asia, mode - subway/metro, planning - safety/accidents


subway fire, evacuation, theoretical calculation, numerical simulation, performance-based fire-protection


Taking Hang Zhou Subway as research background, this article puts forward a new theoretical calculation suitable for subway safety evacuation, which is based on theoretical calculation of Japanese safety evacuation. The theoretical calculation can not only calculate total time necessary for safety evacuation, but also work out people's retention time on the way of different evacuation width clearly to specify the direction of improvement for subway fire-safety design. In addition, the evacuation simulation software named Pathfinder is used to simulate two evacuation situations when the train is stuck in tunnel when there is a fire. In comparison with the evacuation time and simulation result of two evacuation situations by theoretical calculation we can conclude a more accurate time necessary for safety evacuation to provide more reliable data for subway performance-based fire-protection design.


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