Analysis and Optimization of the Capacity Bottlenecks of Elevated Bus Rapid Transit System

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Journal Article

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mode - bus rapid transit, place - urban, operations - capacity


elevated bus rapid transit system, capacity, facility bottleneck


Bus rapid transit, with its unique features of high capacity, low cost and short implementation cycle, is preferable for big cities. The elevated bus rapid transit system becomes an efficient approach to solve the traffic congestion problem in urban area. Although several researches have been conducted on traffic capacity of elevated bus rapid transit system at present, they are lacking of the matching of all facilities. This paper, using matching method, focuses on three aspects of capacity problem, namely the berth, platform area and the fare gate. Based on the methods on traffic capacity of all facilities in previous researches, this paper puts forward the analysis of facility bottleneck of traffic capacity and the optimization method on capacity of the elevated bus rapid transit system. The case states the facility bottlenecks of traffic capacity analyzed by the approach are consistent with physical truth.


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