Exploring key determinants of travel satisfaction for multi-modal trips by different traveler groups

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Journal Article

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place - europe, planning - surveys, ridership - attitudes, ridership - mode choice, ridership - perceptions


Travel experience, Multi-modal, Door-to-door trip stages, Service quality, European cities, Satisfaction


Using a primary dataset from an experimental survey in eight European cities, this study identified the key determinants of satisfaction with individual trip stages as well as overall journey experience for different travel modes and traveler groups. Multivariate statistical analyses were used to examine the relationships between overall satisfaction and travel experience variables, trip complexity, subjective well-being indices, travel-related attitudes as well as individual- and trip-specific attributes. The results indicate that for certain traveler groups, such as women, young and low-income or unemployed travelers, there are distinctive determinants of satisfaction with trip stages for various travel modes. The results also indicate that satisfaction with the primary trip stage is strongly linked to overall trip satisfaction, while satisfaction levels with access and egress trip stages are strongly related to satisfaction with the primary trip stage. Past experience, traveler expectations and attitudes, and the emotional state of travelers are also significant explanatory variables for travel satisfaction. The results indicate that when an individual consciously chooses a particular travel mode, they will report a higher level of satisfaction with that chosen mode. Notwithstanding, while past experience highly influences an individual’s current travel satisfaction, the more they travel with the current mode, the less satisfied they are with their choice. The results of this study highlight the importance of gaining a better understanding of the interaction between instrumental variables and non-instrumental variables at different trip stages and the influence on user preferences, satisfaction and decision-making processes.


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