Proof Of Concept: GTFS Data As A Basis For Optimization Of Oregon’sRegional And Statewide Transit Networks

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organisation - performance, planning - network design, planning - service improvement


Census Data, GTFS, Open trip planner, Open Source Software, Transit Network


Assessing the current "state of health" of individual transit networks is a fundamental part of studies aimed at planning changes and/or upgrades to the transportation network serving a region. To be able to effect changes that benefit both the individual transit networks as well as the larger transportation system, organizations need to develop meaningful strategies guided by specific performance metrics. A fundamental requirement for the development of these performance metrics is the availability of accurate data regarding transit networks. Prior to 2005, transit data was not readily available. This situation complicated the assessment of single transit networks, let alone performing a state-wide or region-wide study. The advent of the General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) changed this constrained landscape and motivated transit operators to release their schedules and route information to third party developers. In this report, the development work conducted to create an open source software tool to help the Oregon Department of Transportation's Public Transit Division gain a better understanding and more efficient utilization of existing state-wide transit networks is described. The final product, referred to as the Transit Network Analysis software tool, incorporates GTFS data and census data as its main inputs and can be used to visualize, analyze and report on the Oregon transit network.


Copies available from NTIS, and online at