Policy packaging in BRT projects: A methodology for case study analysis

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Journal Article

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place - south america, place - urban, mode - bus rapid transit, policy, organisation - management, organisation - performance


BRT, Policy packaging, Policy evaluation, Transantiago, TransMilenio


The literature shows that the implementation of BRT Systems all over the world emerges as a result of different policy packages, which depend, among others, from the cultural, political, institutional and technical backgrounds of the cities. The design of the packages, in turn, influences the performance of these systems.

In this paper we propose an assessment methodology to evaluate the use of combined policy measures (i.e. policy packaging) for the implementation and management of the BRT systems. The framework is tested by comparing and analyzing two BRT systems of the cities of Santiago, Chile and Bogotá, Colombia, trying to identify the relations between the system's performance, the measures in the policy packages and the institutional design involved in the project.

Discussion of the results and conclusions pointing at future developments are presented at the end of the work.

This work is part of a broader project about the complexity of policy design in urban mobility systems with the purpose of enhancing the adoption and implementation of BRT systems.


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