Advanced Transit Signal Priority Control with Online Microsimulation-Based Transit Prediction Model

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Journal Article

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operations - traffic, infrastructure - stop, infrastructure - bus/tram priority, infrastructure - bus/tram priority, mode - bus


Travel time, Transit signal priority, Traffic delay, Signalized intersections, Signalised intersections, Real time control, Nearside (Bus stops), Microsimulation, Mathematical models, Journey time, Bus priority


An advanced transit signal priority (TSP) control method is presented: it provides priority operation in response to real-time traffic and transit conditions. A high-performance online microscopic simulation model was developed for the purpose of predicting transit travel time along an intersection approach. The proposed method was evaluated through application to a hypothetical intersection with a nearside bus stop. The performance of the proposed method was compared with that of normal signal operation without TSP and a conventional signal priority method. The experimental results indicated that the developed method provided efficient and effective priority operation for both transit vehicles and automobiles. The proposed method significantly reduced transit vehicle delays as well as side-street traffic delay compared with conventional active priority control.