Evaluating a concept design of a crowd-sourced ‘mashup’ providing ease-of-access information for people with limited mobility

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Journal Article

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ridership - disadvantage, planning - signage/information, planning - public consultation


Mashup, Accessibility, Journey planning, VGI, User contributed data, Quality


This study investigates the impact of using a concept map-based ‘mashup’ (www.accessadvisr.net) to provide volunteered (i.e. user contributed) ease of access information to travellers with limited mobility. A scenario-based user trial, centred around journey planning, was undertaken with 20 participants, divided equally between (1) those who have physical restrictions on their mobility, due to disability, illness or injury, and (2) those with practical mobility constraints due to being parents with young children who have to use a child’s pushchair when using public transport. Both user groups found the concept useful, but its potential impact was less for the pushchair user group. There were mixed views in relation to the ability of the mashup to convey the trustworthiness, credibility and reliability of information necessary for journey planning. The study identified a number of key information-related user requirements which help enable effective design of user contributed web-based resources for travellers with mobility-related issues.


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