Use of local public transport among people with cognitive impairments – A literature review

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Journal Article

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policy - disability, ridership - mode choice, ridership - modelling


Cognitive impairments, Public transport, Mobility, Travel chain


Being able to move around in the community including using different modes of transport is a prerequisite for being able to participate in activities outside home. This can be particular challenging for people with cognitive impairments. Still, research regarding public transport for people with cognitive impairments is scarce. In this narrative review scientific literature focusing on people with cognitive impairments and their needs in public transport, was identified and summarised. All aspects in the travel chain perspective were of interest. Literature search engines Scirus, Elin and Cinahl were used during the search.

Thirty-four articles were included and analysed according to which part of the travel chain they covered in the used model. The results showed that the articles were unevenly allocated to the different parts of the model. Future studies based on real-world experiences are essential, and more user-centred approaches should be adopted. Moreover, there is a need for the development and evaluation of evidence-based rehabilitation. Finally, more research is needed to foster societal awareness of the problems and needs in the public transport of people with cognitive impairments taking the whole travel chain into consideration.


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