Values, attitudes and travel behavior: a hierarchical latent variable mixed logit model of travel mode choice

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Journal Article

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place - europe, ridership - attitudes, ridership - behaviour, ridership - commuting, ridership - mode choice, planning - marketing/promotion


Travel mode choice, Values and attitudes, Integrated choice and latent variable model, Mixed logit


Values lie at the heart of an individual’s belief system, serving as prototypes from which attitudes and behaviors are subsequently manufactured. Attitudes and behaviors may evolve over time, but values represent a set of more enduring beliefs. This study examines the influence of values on travel mode choice behavior. It is argued that personal values influence individual attitudes towards different alternative attributes, which in turn impact modal choices. Using data from a sample of 519 German commuters drawn from a consumer panel, the study estimates an integrated choice and latent variable model of travel mode choice that allows for hierarchical relationships between the latent variables and flexible substitution patterns across the modal alternatives. Results from the empirical application support the value-attitude-behavior hierarchical model of cognition, and provide insights to planners and policy-makers on how better to sell public transit as a means of travel.


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