A Review of Latent Variable on Urban Travel Behavior


Jian Chen
Mi Gan

Document Type

Journal Article

Publication Date


Subject Area

place - urban, ridership - behaviour, ridership - modelling


traffic engineering, travel behavior, latent variables, integrated model, structural equation model


Latent variable method is an effective way to improve the prediction accuracy of travel behavior. And a new perspective to travel behavior research is provided by latent variable. In order to solve the problems about lack of cognition and application of latent variable of travel behavior, the characteristics of existing travel behavior modeling method are analyzed based on social psychology. And the necessity of research on the latent variable is proposed. The connotation, application field and model building of latent variable on urban travel behavior are systemized. Three core problems are defined, which are identification, validation and calculation. It is reviewed and studied the opportunity, difficulty and challenge of travel behavior integrated model covering the latent variables. The relevance between measure method of latent variable and SP/RP survey is revealed. And then the model test standard is summarized. Finally the development trend of latent variable research and the direction of our efforts are proposed.


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