Use of Web-Based Rider Feedback to Improve Public Transit Services

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technology - passenger information, technology - management information systems, planning - service improvement, ridership - behaviour, ridership - perceptions


web-based feedback, public transit services, transit agencies, customer communication


TCRP Report 179: Use of Web-Based Rider Feedback to Improve Public Transit Services provides a practical and easy-to-use toolkit of best practices, emerging platforms, and promising approaches for customer web-based and electronic feedback to help improve public transit services. The report is separated into two parts: Part I identifies best practices among transit agencies and other industries using in-house or third-party web-based and mobile platforms to engage customers and provides guidance on managing web-based feedback; and Part II includes a Tool Selection Guide that helps transit agencies select the most appropriate web-based feedback tool based on their needs. The results of this research may be used by a variety of transportation professionals, including policymakers, operations and maintenance managers, customer service managers, marketers, and safety and security personnel to assist with implementing structured feedback systems and utilizing the feedback both internally and externally with customers.


Permission to publish the abstract has been given by Transportation Research Board, Washington, copyright remains with them.