The Integrated Model on Mobile Payment Acceptance (IMMPA): An empirical application to public transport

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Journal Article

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technology - ticketing systems


Public transport, Mobile payment, Mobile ticketing, Users’ acceptance, TAM, DOI, UTAUT, SEM


This study examines the users’ acceptance and usage of mobile payments, focusing on the mobile ticketing technologies applied in a public transport context. We investigate the main predictors of the intention to use mobile ticketing and the relation between those predictors, considering the prominent literature on users’ technology acceptance background and extending the knowledge through an innovative contribution. The main models of reference in this study are the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM), the Diffusion of Innovation Model (DOI) and the Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology (UTAUT) model. The new model that we proposed is called the Integrated Model on Mobile Payment Acceptance (IMMPA), and it was designed specifically for mobile payments in the public transport, on the basis of the models previously mentioned. It was developed by mixing the variables of the existing models and adding new ones tailored to the mobile payment/ticketing framework. The theoretical framework was tested using the Structural Equation Models. The results show that the intention to use a technology is affected by the Usefulness, Ease of use and the Security of that technology. Moreover, the Usefulness is simultaneously influenced by the Ease of use, the Compatibility with users’ values and needs and their Attitude towards mobile services. Furthermore, the model confirms the direct relation between the intention to use a technology and its actual usage. The new predictor, that is the Attitude towards mobile services, includes those requirements that every mobile ticketing payment must address in this context: complete information, further information about time and delay, speed of use, intuitive interface, and path customisation. Another new construct detected is the Security, in reference to mobile payment. Because it could represent an obstacle to mobile ticketing distribution, it must be considered by market operators. The originality of the paper addresses the realisation of a new model, the IMMPA, which was specifically designed for mobile payment in the public transport.


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