Stranding Cycling Transit Users on Los Angeles’ Orange Line Bus Rapid Transit

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Journal Article

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place - north america, mode - bike, mode - bus rapid transit, ridership - behaviour, planning - service improvement


bus rapid transit (BRT), cycling transit users (CTU), front-of-the-bus mounted bike racks


The Los Angeles Metro Orange Line is a bus rapid transit (BRT) system that accommodates cycling transit users (CTU) with front-of-the-bus mounted bike racks. However, cyclists sometimes find these bike racks full and are stranded until the arrival of the next bus. By collecting CTU usage data at seven Orange Line stations, the following results were observed: (1) CTUs are more likely to be stranded during weekday nights due to the proximity to three major colleges; on weekends, CTUs are more likely to be stranded in the mornings; (2) Metro’s policy that increased evening service during 2013 successfully decreased the number of stranded cyclists; and (3) when the racks are two-thirds full, approximately 20 percent of buses will strand at least one cyclist.


Permission to publish the abstract has been given by National Center for Transit Research, University of South Florida, copyright remains with them.