An integrated real-time traffic signal system for transit signal priority, incident detection and congestion management

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Journal Article

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place - urban, infrastructure - traffic signals, infrastructure - bus/tram priority, policy - congestion, technology - intelligent transport systems


Traffic signal control, Incident detection, Transit priority, Congestion management, Micro simulation, Urban traffic networks


This paper presents a traffic control system that can work standalone to handle various boundary conditions of the recurrent, non-recurrent congestion, transit signal priority and downstream blockage conditions to improve the overall traffic network vehicular productivity and efficiency. The control system uses field detectors’ data to determine the boundary conditions of all incoming and exit links. The developed system is interfaced with CORSIM micro-simulation for rigorous evaluations with different types of signal phase settings. The comparative performance of this control logic is quite satisfactory for some of the most frequently used phase settings in the network with a high number of junctions under highly congested conditions.


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