A Quick-Response Discrete Transit-Share Model for Transit-Oriented Developments

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Journal Article

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land use - transit oriented development, place - urban, ridership - mode choice


Transit-oriented development, TOD, mode choice models, livability in transportation, smart growth


Various studies have highlighted an apparent lack of analyses associated with the modal choice characteristics of transit-oriented developments (TODs) and emphasized the need for quick response models for estimating transit share in TOD areas. In this paper, a methodology for developing transit-share model for TOD’s using travel activity data is presented. A transit-share model is formulated as an innovative combination of the direct generation, urban travel factor (UTF), and logit models. This model determines transit usage in TODs based on household auto ownership as the primary input and the transit system variables as secondary inputs. Validation of the model indicates a close agreement with observed data. Since the input requirements to the TOD transit-share model are minimal, this model structure is expected to be very useful for sketch analysis of many TOD project alternatives.


Permission to publish the abstract has been given by National Center for Transit Research, University of South Florida, copyright remains with them.