Document and User Guide for the Multi-Modal Passenger Simulation Model for Comparing Passenger Rail Energy Consumption with Competing Modes

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place - north america, technology - emissions, literature review - literature review


energy consumption, greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, commuter rail, intercity passenger rail operations, competing modes of travel, Multi-Modal Passenger Simulator (MMPASSIM)


The objective of NCRRP Project 02-01, “Comparison of Passenger Rail Energy Consumption with Competing Modes,” is to provide like-for-like comparisons of energy consumption and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of commuter and intercity passenger rail operations with competing modes of travel. In the context of this research, “passenger rail” includes higher speed, high speed, intercity, and commuter rail operations - those rail systems that are operated under the jurisdiction of the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA). “Competing modes of travel” include passenger automobiles, light-duty trucks used for personal transportation, suburban commuter bus services, intercity bus services, and air transportation.


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