Analysing stakeholders' perception of Light Rail Transit as an opportunity to achieve sustainable mobility in Granada (Spain)

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Journal Article

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place - europe, mode - tram/light rail, planning - surveys, policy - sustainable, place - urban, land use - planning


Participation, Public transport, Metropolitan areas, Survey


Despite the growing theoretical recognition of Light Rail Transit (LRT) systems as potential instruments to achieve sustainable mobility outcomes at the city and metropolitan levels, few rigorous studies are available in relation to stakeholders' understanding on the positive contribution of LRT to urban mobility planning. The Metropolitan Area of Granada (Spain) is a case in point. To address this gap, this present paper presents the results of a participatory process (MOBYPANEL) used to analyse how a set of local stakeholders perceived the opportunities offered by the implementation of an LRT to achieve sustainable mobility goals. A total of 50 stakeholders were asked to participate, assessing the suitability of LRT to promote 42 mobility policies previously selected, and the relevance of these policies in leading LRT to reach five sustainable mobility goals. The results revealed an overall high consensus among stakeholders concerning the positive role of the LRT in the successful implementation of most of the policies analysed, with some exceptions within environmental and car-charging economic measures. Also, ‘accessibility’, ‘intermodality’ and ‘efficient management’ were, in general, more firmly considered than ‘urban integration’ and ‘environmental quality’ as goals for implementing sustainable urban mobility policies within the context of the LRT project. The study also provides a discussion on the role of the LRT as a means for sustainable urban mobility policy delivery and as an end for strategy making.


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