New Path Size Formulation in Path Size Logit for Route Choice Modeling in Public Transport Networks

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Journal Article

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place - asia, technology - passenger information, planning - methods


path size logit (PSL), multinomial logit (MNL), route choice model, public transport, smart card data


The path size logit (PSL) aims at capturing correlations between path alternatives by including a correction term, path size, to the multinomial logit (MNL). Several path size formulations have been proposed in the literature and applied to various route choice models extensively in road networks. However, the path size formulation has rarely been studied in the public transport context considering the special characteristics of the public transport network. This paper proposes a new path size formulation for route choice modeling in public transport networks. The new path size formulation accounts for both the correlation attributed to spatial overlapping of path alternatives and the correlation attributed to frequency variations. Direct application of existing path size formation in route choice model estimation and prediction based on smart card data from the Singapore public transport network were used in a comparative analysis of the new path size formulation against an MNL and a base PSL. The results show that the new path size formulation has outperformed other models in both estimation and prediction.


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