Framework for Deployment Planning of Bus Rapid Transit Systems

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Journal Article

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land use - planning, ridership - commuting, mode - bus, mode - bus rapid transit


Strategies, Strategic planning, Priorities, Objectives, Manpower utilization, Goals, Framework (Planning), Deployment, Case studies, Bus rapid transit


Bus rapid transit (BRT) systems combine vehicles, stations, running ways, and intelligent transportation system elements into a fully integrated system with a unique identity. It has great flexibility in incremental deployment of these BRT elements. Proposed is a deployment planning framework that provides, in a sequence of steps, a general structure for optimal deployment of BRT systems. This framework and its formulation, once operationalized, would provide transit agencies a practical tool for determining the optimal deployment strategy or strategies given budgetary, institutional, and other types of constraints associated with the corridor for which they have decided to deploy BRT. A case study example is provided to illustrate how the proposed framework would be used.