Developers' perspectives on transit-oriented development

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Journal Article

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place - north america, mode - bus, land use - transit oriented development, land use - impacts, land use - planning, planning - service improvement


Transit oriented development, Sustainable growth, Content analysis, Transit planning, Regional planning, Affordable housing


The success of transit corridors in promoting sustainable regional growth hinges on location decisions made by private-sector developers. This paper centers on a series of interviews with 24 residential and commercial developers in the Twin Cities region. Developers were recruited for interviews using random sampling by residential/commercial and urban/suburban specialty. The authors analyzed interview transcripts using close readings and computerized content analysis focused on word frequency analysis and topic co-occurrence statistics. Recommendations for promoting transit-oriented development include reforming zoning and development regulations, broadening the focus of TOD to include frequent bus routes, providing greater certainty of future transit improvements. Recommendations for integrating TOD with affordable housing development include pursuing affordable-by-design solutions and engaging with affordable housing specialists.


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