Bus Operator Workstation Design for Improving Occupational Health and Safety

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mode - bus, infrastructure - vehicle, planning - safety/accidents


bus operator workstation design, health and safety, ergonomics


TCRP Report 185: Bus Operator Workstation Design for Improving Occupational Health and Safety was developed to support improved bus procurement by public transit agencies, focusing on the bus operator workstation component of a bus. The project was designed to assist transit agencies and bus manufacturers in integrating improved and emerging technologies into current procurement practices and improving bus operator workstation design across the transit industry. The research produced practical guidance documents and tools applicable to the procurement process and bus design, including (1) a recommended procurement process and strategies for transit agencies to develop, train, and support a bus procurement team that includes bus operators and representatives from operations, maintenance, safety, and procurement; (2) training recommendations for the procurement team, including an ergonomics training module for bus operators; (3) guidelines to update the TCRP Report 25: Bus Operator Workstation Evaluation and Design Guidelines developed in 1997; and (4) a digital model of a bus operator workstation that can be used by designers and transit agencies to develop specifications.


Permission to publish the abstract has been given by Transportation Research Board, Washington, copyright remains with them.