Travel satisfaction effects of changes in public transport usage

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Journal Article

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place - north america, ridership - behaviour, ridership - commuting, planning - travel demand management, planning - marketing/promotion, policy - sustainable, ridership - attitudes


Travel satisfaction, Public transport use incentives, Travel demand management, Sustainable travel behavior


We study the effects of public transport use incentives on changes in travel satisfaction of participants that undergo behavior change. We use the results of an experiment conducted recently at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and requiring a temporary use of public transport for commuting to work by habitual car drivers. We observe an increase in the average level of satisfaction with the commute to work of participants who switch to public transport after the temporary intervention. This increase is sustained to some extent several months after the intervention. Moreover, participants’ dissatisfaction is almost eliminated. We conclude that public transport use incentives are promising not only for encouraging sustainable travel behavior but also for increasing people’s satisfaction.


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