Public transport demand: dynamic panel model analysis

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Journal Article

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place - africa, place - urban, planning - service quality, planning - travel demand management, ridership - behaviour, ridership - demand, ridership - modelling


Transport demand, Mobility behaviour, Socioeconomics factor, Public transport, Dynamic panel model


This paper presents an original essay that explains the mobility behaviour towards the public transport supply in Tunisia. This research aims to determine the key variables affecting an individual’s decision to travel by public transport and explains how the use of these means fits the mobility strategies. The dynamic panel model is applied to twelve Tunisian Regional companies, where we aim to analyze the behaviours of Tunisian citizens in the regions where Regional Transport Companies ensure the total service supply of urban, interurban and suburban public transport of travellers. The results show that mobility behaviours are subject to various variables. In particular, service quality, mean price and active population are the most significant variables regarding public transport demand in Tunisia.


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