Design of the Main Spans of the Chongqing, China, Caiyuanba Bridge

Man-Chung Tang
John Sun

Not Recorded


The new Caiyuanba Bridge over the Yangtze River in Chongqing, China, will carry six lanes of highway and two pedestrian walkways on its upper deck as well as two tracks of monorails on its lower deck. As one of the transportation backbones for this ever-expanding city, it will connect the two busiest business districts: Yuzhong and Nanan. Because the bridge is located at the center of the city and is visible from most parts of the city, aesthetic issues are an important concern. After careful study of the location, a slender tied arch was selected to carry the double-level bridge girder over the Yangtze River. On completion, its 420-m span will be the world's longest tied arch span for combined rail and highway traffic. The side spans are 102 m long.