A path-based greedy algorithm for multi-objective transit routes design with elastic demand

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Journal Article

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economics - operating costs, planning - route design, ridership - elasticity


Transit routes design, Transit ridership, Path-based traffic assignment, Greedy algorithm, Pareto-optimal


This paper is concerned with the problem of finding optimal sub-routes from a set of predefined candidate transit routes with the objectives of maximizing transit ridership as well as minimizing operational costs. The main contributions of this paper are: (1) considering transit ridership maximization in a multi-objective bi-level optimization framework; (2) proposing a greedy algorithm for the multi-objective design problem; (3) applying an efficient path-based algorithm to solve the lower level multi-modal traffic assignment problem. Numerical experiments indicate that the proposed algorithm is not only able to approximate the Pareto-optimal solutions with satisfactory accuracy, but also achieves a fast performance even for problems of real-world scale.


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