Public transport promotion policy on campus: evidence from Suranaree University in Thailand

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Journal Article

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place - asia, place - universities, mode - bus, planning - network design, planning - service quality, planning - travel demand management, ridership - attitudes, ridership - behaviour, ridership - perceptions, policy - sustainable


Public transport, Promotion policy, Confirmatory factor analysis, Structural equation model


This study aims to determine factors affecting quality of public transport service and public transport demand for students. The findings will be a tool to develop a policy promoting public and sustainable transportation. Applying second order confirmatory factor analysis, the study found that the most important factor on bus service quality was convenience, followed by service planning and bus network. The most important factors affecting the intention to increase bus usage were attitude, personal norm, and a lack of private vehicle. All three factors presented a positive effect on the intention to increase bus usage. A Factor with a negative impact was perceived behavior control of increasing bus usage. Socioeconomic factors, namely hometown, sex, and academic year did not have a direct influence on the intention to increase bus usage, but have an indirect effect through vehicle ownership. The study results could be used to establish an efficient policy to increase bus ridership.


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