Rescheduling a metro line in an over-crowded situation after disruptions

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Journal Article

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place - asia, mode - subway/metro, operations - crowding, operations - scheduling


Rescheduling, Metro line, Skip-stop pattern, Passenger flow


In the case of a metro disruption, the planned timetable cannot be operated and a large number of passengers are left stranded in the stations. When the disruption is over, some stations may be skipped in the recovery period, which speeds up the circulation of trains and makes the number of stranded passengers reduce faster. Considering an over-crowded and time-dependent passenger flow, this paper proposes an optimization model to reschedule a metro line. To achieve a balance between theoretical validity and computational convenience, the optimization model is decomposed, and an iterative algorithm is proposed to solve the model. Numerical experiments based on the Beijing Metro are carried out, the results of which verify the effectiveness and efficiency of our method.


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