Gender-Based Analysis of Zones of Tolerance for Transit Service Quality Considering Intelligent Transportation Systems

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Journal Article

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planning - service level, planning - service quality, technology - intelligent transport systems, ridership - young people, ridership - perceptions


transit, quality of service, zone of tolerance (ZOT), intelligent transportation systems (ITS)


Quality service in public transport is important in transit systems. User needs and expectations have great relevance to transit modeling and implementation. This explanatory study examined young men’s and young women’s expectations and perceptions of transit quality of service with the use of the zone of tolerance (ZOT) and adequate and desired levels of service. Given the critical role of intelligent transportation systems (ITS) in public transport service enhancement, a specific dimension that reflected user perceptions and expectations of ITS also was considered. ZOTs for men and women were obtained separately, and the results showed differences. In particular, women’s minimum acceptable and desired levels of service were higher than they were for men, and women had relatively bigger ZOTs.


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