Regularity of Public Transport Usage: A Case Study of Bus Rides in Lisbon, Portugal

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Journal Article

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place - europe, mode - bus, technology - passenger information, ridership - behaviour


Public transit, bus data mining, smart card data, urban computing, transport usage patterns


This paper presents an analysis of regularity in public transport usage based on a large-scale bus transportation data of Lisbon, Portugal. By exploring the combined information from the bus boarding history of riders and bus arrivals at each bus stop, an analysis of individual bus usage was performed. Daily and weekly patterns were extracted, from which it was observed that a rider takes, on average, 2 trips, visits 1.93 distinct stops, and uses 1.55 distinct bus lines daily. Inter-trip time analysis revealed a daily cycle, and a study of the interaction between riders and bus infrastructure explored how usage was concentrated on particular bus lines and stops.


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