A generalized framework for complex urban rail transit network analysis

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Journal Article

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mode - rail, operations - performance, place - asia, place - europe, place - urban, planning - network design, planning - travel demand management


Transit network planning, ring-radial network, transit network analysis, metro networks, complex transit networks


The paper introduces a new framework for analysis of complex urban rail transit networks based on generalized passenger costs. We have developed a robust framework for the long-term planning and modeling of rail transit networks that are idealized in a radio-centric form. The model is used to compare the performance of different rail transit networks in term of generalized passenger costs. The conventional comparative studies of networks are either survey data driven or based on graph theory which cannot consider the impact key parameters such as demand distribution and different passenger costs. In this paper, a network analysis of urban rail transit systems with topologies similar to six cities (London, Moscow, Tokyo, Paris, Berlin, and Madrid) is conducted. The examined transit systems are assessed using identical model inputs such as length of network and trip distribution patterns. This model is easily applicable to most radio and/or centric transit networks.


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