The Scandinavian Way to Better Public Transport


Tom Rye

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mode - bus, mode - tram/light rail, mode - rail, place - europe, technology - ticketing systems, economics - revenue, operations - frequency, planning - service quality, planning - environmental impact, ridership - growth, ridership - mode choice, technology - emissions, land use - planning


Bus, Governance


The Scandinavian Way to Better Public Transport, shows how the Scandinavians put a high value on making their city regions sustainable, liveable and attractive places in which to live and invest. This has led them to promote active travel and to invest in smart, green and high quality public transport networks. In doing so they are moving quickly towards new smart ways of paying for access to transport, phasing out diesel buses to improve air quality, and investing heavily in more and better tram, train and bus services. They are able to do this because by and large they have the powers they need to plan and develop their local transport networks. The results are cities high up global league tables as places where people want to live and work in, high levels of public transport use and in some cities in particular cycle use that is off the scale in comparison to the UK.


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