The role and potential of automatic certification to improve the validation of AVM operated public transport services

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Journal Article

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mode - bus, place - europe, technology - automatic vehicle monitoring, technology - intelligent transport systems, operations - performance


Intelligent transport systems, Public Transport, AVM, Operated service certification and validation


The aim of this paper is to present a new approach for supporting public transport operators (PTO) and public transport authorities (PTA) to certify data generated by AVM systems and to validate those operated services. The worked-out tool is capable of importing data produced by any kind of AVM and service planning systems, and to allow, by using specific user-friendly cross-analysis functions, the identification of service cases (where reported data are not consistent), and the detection of incompliance between scheduled and operated service. It has been tested in Tiemme, one of the largest bus operators in Italy, and results are presented in terms of performance and cost efficiency for two Italian case studies. The paper explains the needs of the PTO services that are covered and outlines related added value and potentials. Furthermore, the paper describes the verification methodology and the criteria implemented by the module, and the operational scenario supported by the certification process.


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