A linear bus rapid transit with transit signal priority formulation

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Journal Article

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mode - bus rapid transit, infrastructure - bus/tram priority, infrastructure - bus/tram lane, infrastructure - traffic signals


Dynamic Traffic Assignment, Bus Rapid Transit, Transit Signal Priority, Multi-class traffic, Cell Transmission Model


In this paper, we propose a novel mathematical framework to formulate a unified Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) with Transit Signal Priority (TSP) system for single destination networks, namely, Bus Priority System Optimal Dynamic Traffic Assignment with Signal Control (BP SODTA-SC). This framework considers dedicated bus lanes, bus routes, and priority for public bus transport in mixed bus-car scenarios. Furthermore, this approach assures fairness to all road users. It is linearand can be applied to analyze city-size BRT-TSP systems. Our numerical results show that bus priority significantly reduces Total System-wide Passenger Travel Time (TSPT).


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