A broader perspective on social outcomes in transport

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Journal Article

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mode - bus, land use - impacts, economics - benefits, organisation - contracting, planning - service rationalisation


Public transport, Social outcomes, Social inclusion, Community prosperity, Bus operator, CBA, Contracts


While the importance of including the interface between transport and the social environment has been acknowledged in the past few decades, application of this remains limited in transport policy and project evaluations. At present, consideration is largely given to impacts of the infrastructure construction and future operation on people living in the vicinity, without looking at social outcomes in terms of personal/societal wellbeing, nor the economic impact of the changes in these conditions. New research has added a further dimension to the social impact of transport, the value that may be added in rural communities. This relates to the leadership role adopted by some bus operators, and their willingness to support the good functioning and vibrancy of their local communities, with important social and economic outcomes that should be included in both CBA evaluations and taken into account in bus service contracts. The authors argue that it is important that these wider benefits are taken into account in transport evaluations, broadening the potential value to both encompass social and associated economic outcomes.


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