Is having a positive image of public transit associated with travel satisfaction and continued transit usage? An exploratory study of bus transit

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Journal Article

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place - north america, mode - bus, planning - surveys, ridership - perceptions


Transportation planning, Satisfaction, Loyalty, Image, Bus


In recent years, researchers have begun to explore how users’ views and opinions about public transit influence satisfaction and future behavioral intentions. This study uses primary survey data collected by the authors along a bus route in Montreal, Canada, to assess whether users’ image of public transit is associated with their satisfaction and intention to continue using public transit in the future. Two binary logit models are developed and the results reveal that having a positive image of transit increases users’ odds of being satisfied and of intending to continue using transit in the future. Results also suggest that previous transit usage is a good indicator of intended future usage. Furthermore, this study explores whether the users’ image of transit should be considered when assessing loyalty. Based on our findings, we suggest that loyalty constructs in public transit research should be composed of the users’ image of public transit, their overall satisfaction with a service, their willingness to recommend it to others, and, passengers’ intentions to continue using the service in the future. Overall, this study is useful for researchers and transit agencies aiming to better understand and increase loyalty among current and future public transit users.


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