Modelling intermodal travel in Switzerland: A recursive logit approach

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Journal Article

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place - europe, place - urban, ridership - mode choice, planning - surveys, planning - methods


Intermodal travel, Multimodal network, Mode choice, Route choice, Recursive logit


We use data from the Swiss national household travel survey to 1. analyze the socioeconomic determinants for intermodal travel in Switzerland and 2. estimate a first large-scale multimodal recursive logit route choice model for urban trip making. We show that intermodal travel is mostly associated with ownership of transit subscriptions, which allow free at the point-of-use public transportation. We also present a framework using open-source data to generate the multimodal network for the recursive logit model estimation. The fact that the model only needs a multimodal network to model the transport supply makes it independent of path sampling algorithms for the choice-set construction and it thus provides an alternative to classic mode and route choice models, since it can estimate mode and route choice parameters with directly observed routes, removing the sampling bias. By eliminating the need to sample alternative paths for estimation, it also simplifies the estimation process, making it a viable choice as an integral solution for joint route and mode choice modelling.


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