Trial-and-error train fare design scheme for addressing boarding/alighting congestion at CBD stations

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Journal Article

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mode - rail, place - cbd, policy - congestion, policy - fares, ridership - commuting, ridership - demand


Trial-and-error, Boarding/alighting passenger, Train station, Train fare, Unknown demand


This study deals with boarding/alighting congestion of congested commuter train stations at central business district (CBD), in which the additional fares are determined to shift an appropriate number of passengers to board/alight at the neighboring uncongested stations on the railway line. A bi-objective model is investigated to minimize both fare increases of the congested stations, while alleviating their boarding/alighting congestion to a certain level simultaneously. The existence of the unique Pareto-optimal solution is proven mathematically in the absence of explicit demand functions. A trial-and-error fare design scheme is proposed to identify the Pareto-optimal solution. An illustrative study demonstrates the effectiveness of the trial-and-error scheme.


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