Travelers’ preferences regarding the interior of public buses: a hierarchical information integration approach

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Journal Article

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place - urban, mode - bus, planning - methods, ridership - attitudes


Bus interiors, Stated preference, Information integration


A study is set up that aims to provide more insights into travelers’ preferences regarding the interior of standard buses serving the urban public transport. To get insights into the travelers’ preferences a stated choice experiment is set up. A list of six perspectives on the bus is composed: the bus as accessible vehicle, as sensory attractive vehicle, as comfortable seating place, as eating and drinking place, as work place, and as relax and entertainment place. All perspectives are described in more detail using five attributes per perspective. The preference data are analysed using regression and multinomial logit models. The analyses show that travelers prefer mostly the bus as comfortable seating place, at some distance followed by the bus as accessible vehicle and the bus as work place. Travelers are willing to pay extra—for a bus trip when the suggested interior is offered.


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