Urban bus emission trends in the Krakow metropolitan area (Poland) from 2010 to 2015

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Journal Article

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place - europe, place - urban, mode - bus, technology - emissions, infrastructure - fleet management, policy - environment, planning - methods, planning - environmental impact


Air pollution, Bus emissions, COPERT4, Traffic pollution, Emission inventory, Road transportation


This paper discusses the air quality impact of the replacement of buses in the Krakow metropolitan area by buses with better emission standards. The research focuses on the estimated amount of particulate matter and gas pollutants emitted by those vehicles between the years 2010–2015. The calculations have been done using COPERT software and are based on measured and gathered data from 156 bus lines. The emissions inventory presented in this paper is the first highly detailed research done for a fleet of urban buses in one of the largest urban areas in Poland. It was analysed using CORINAIR methodology. The conducted research has a couple of utilitarian aims. The first is an assessment of the emission reduction brought about by urban bus modernization. The second aim is estimating the contribution of particulate matter and gas pollutants by urban bus emissions in the Krakow area. It estimated that emissions from public transportation constitute 2.07% of the total emissions from road transportation in Krakow.


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