A Stated Preference Survey Approach to Understanding Mobility Choices in Light of Shared Mobility Services and Automated Vehicle Technologies in the U.S.

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Journal Article

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place - north america, ridership - mode choice, ridership - behaviour, planning - surveys


mode choice behavior, ride-sourcing, automated vehicles (AV), private vehicle, on-demand services


This paper presents the preliminary results of a recent nationwide survey that focuses on mode choice behavior in view of emerging mobility options such as ride-sourcing and automated vehicles (AV). The survey provides a comprehensive scan of current mode choice patterns and the influencing factors. Then it presents stated preference (SP) choices to understand how travelers measure the trade-offs among different mode alternatives. The choice experiments focused on four potential user markets: drivers who usually drive for daily activities, passengers who depend on other household members or friends, transit users or users who do not have access to a private vehicle on a regular basis, and visitors or who do not have access to a private vehicle occasionally. The results suggest that on-demand services incorporating AV technologies (with lower operating costs) may become a viable option for many travelers. Most drivers and passengers preferred single ride than shared ride regardless of whether it is on a daily or occasional basis. However, for transit users, shared rides showed higher potential than exclusive services, which may indicate that cost is a primary consideration in the mode choice decisions for these users.


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