Mitigation of disruptions in public transit by Bee Colony Optimization

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Journal Article

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mode - bus, operations - scheduling, place - south america, planning - methods


Disruption management, public transit, Bee Colony Optimization, application


Dispatchers in many public transit companies face the daily problem of assigning available buses to bus routes under conditions of bus shortages. In addition to this, weather conditions, crew absenteeism, traffic accidents, traffic congestion and other factors lead to disturbances of the planned schedule. We propose the Bee Colony Optimization (BCO) algorithm for mitigation of bus schedule disturbances. The developed model takes care of interests of the transit operator and passengers. The model reassigns available buses to bus routes and, if it is allowed, the model simultaneously changes the transportation network topology (it shortens some of the planned bus routes) and reassigns available buses to a new set of bus routes. The model is tested on the network of Rivera (Uruguay). Results obtained show that the proposed algorithm can significantly mitigate disruptions.


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