The influence of weather conditions on adult transit ridership in the sub-tropics

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Journal Article

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mode - bus, mode - ferry, mode - rail, ridership - behaviour, technology - passenger information


Transit ridership, Local weather conditions, Smart card data, Temporal scales, Interaction effects


This paper investigates the influence of local weather conditions on adult transit ridership across three transit modes. Drawing on smart card data and half hourly weather station records for a 12 month period, analysis reveals that weather imposes an effect on adult transit ridership and that its influence varies by mode. Ferry ridership is found to be more sensitive to changes in weather compared to either bus or train ridership. Findings also reveal that weather’s influence on ridership varies across the course of a day. During morning and evening peak hours, weather is shown to exert a weaker effect than other periods throughout the day. We argue that our findings are important in their capacity to contribute to a new evidence base with the potential to inform the (re)design of more weather-resilient transit systems by shedding new light on the weather–transit ridership relationship.


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